Now Accepting Discover NSW Vouchers

You can now use your Discover NSW voucher for our hands-on workshops.

If you book in a workshop by paying a deposit or using your Discover voucher and there is a lockdown you can transfer your booking to another date.

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, which is why we’re happy to cancel your booking, a $25 fee per ticket if you cancel up to 72 hours before your scheduled workshop.

Use the Discover NSW vouchers to make a booking before they expire on 31st August. You can book for a workshop that is after the date of 31st August

Please note that the DD voucher codes on the NSW Service app refresh (and change) every 10 minutes.
If your code changes before we can redeem it, we will phone you for a new code.
There is a better way, though. If you get the code from the PDF attached to the confirmation email you got from Service NSW when you first registered for the vouchers, these codes (the codes in the PDF attachment) don’t change. The same applies to the codes on the vouchers that Service NSW prints out for you if you go into one of their offices.

Bookings subject to Dine & Discover terms and conditions found at